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Brazilian Butt Lift Denver

Brazilian Butt Lift Denver

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a newly developed procedure where your own problem area fat is liposuctioned from your body and transferred to the buttocks to re-shape them and add volume.
This operation has become quite popular and is one we perform frequently. The procedure is variously known as the Miami Thong Lift, The Pippa Lift, and the J. Lo Booty. We are very excited to offer this procedure and we strive to provide the best Brazilian Butt lifts in Denver.

Tell me the details of the procedure.
Buttock augmentation with the fat grafting technique (Brazilian butt lift) is most frequently performed as an outpatient procedure. It may be done under local or general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes 60 minutes or longer depending on what areas need to be treated to harvest enough fat. Results vary but the typical outcome has a lot to do with the technique used by Dr. Squires.

Who is the best candidate for BBL?
The best candidate for a Brazilian buttock lift is in good overall health but has adequate donor areas of fat on their body. This excess fat is needed in order to ensure there is enough fat available to create a nice, round buttock during surgery. Patients who have very little fat are often not good candidates for the procedure, but they gain weight in order to generate enough fat for fat grafting.

Compare buttock implants to fat transfer to the buttocks?
Buttock implants have several problems compared to fat grafting. Buttock implants have a defined shape and can only be used to generate that shape and not allow the flexibility and artistry that fat grafting does as far as achieving exact shape you want. Buttock implants also feel much firmer than your own fat and have more potential complications such as infection, implant malposition, sagging, capsular contracture (scar tissue formation), and skin breakdown problems at the incision site. For these reasons, most board-certified plastic surgeons prefer fat grafting to buttock implants.

Where will the fat come from?
The most common donor areas are the abdomen, flanks, lateral thighs and back rolls. Any area that has excess fat can be liposuctioned out and used for fat grafting.

How do you decide how much fat to use?
There is no preset amount of fat that can be placed per side during a Brazilian buttock lift. The final amount depends on the amount of good quality fat that can be obtained via liposuction. Patients who have more fat reserves can generally have a higher volume harvested and grafted. In addition to the amount of fat injected, proper technique is required to ensure the best percentage take of the fat and best long term survival. There is no sense in injecting a bunch of fat poor technique and having it all die.

If you are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Denver, Colorado area, contact us or call 303-321-3210 to schedule a consultation.
Dr. Squires Has Retired.

To all my patients,

Dr. Squires has retired.

Dr. Matthew Baker will be taking over the follow-up of my patients and handling record requests. He is an exceptionally talented plastic surgeon and will provide expert, compassionate care. You may contact his office at 303.320.5566 or info@beautifulme.com.

My best to you all,

John R Squires MD