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Liposuction Denver

  • Liposuction remains the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States and one of the most popular procedures performed by Denver plastic surgeon Dr. John Squires. Dr. Squires has performed liposuction in Denver for over 20 years and is considered among the best surgeons the city has to offer.
  • Liposuction is the gold standard method to produce permanent spot reduction and contour improvement in areas affected by excess fatty deposits. Your fat cells are distributed throughout your body early in life, as determined by your genetics. Fat cells cannot migrate or multiply, and once they are removed, they cannot come back. Therefore, any contour improvement achieved with liposuction is a permanent improvement and will persist, even if a patient gains weight.
  • This treatment is not, however, an appropriate method for achieving weight loss, although it can, and often does, help motivate patients to improve their diet and exercise patterns post-operatively.
  • Liposuction Denver
  • In women, liposuction is most commonly used to treat:
  • WaistSaddlebags (outer thighs), Hips, Abdomen, Inner thighs, Circumferential thighs, Knees, Arms, and Calves.
  • In men, liposuction is often used to treat:
  • "Love-handles"Lower abdomenUnder the chin (submental)Chest
  • Men are often interested in treating their abdomen, waist and chest.
  • More often than not, patients choose to have two or more areas treated during one procedure.
  • Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Squires performs all procedures using the tumescent technique. This technique, which is the gold standard according to most experts, involves the injection of a dilute solution of lidocaine as a local anesthetic and epinephrine to control bleeding prior to the actual suctioning of the fatty tissue. The process effectively reduces blood loss, allows for increased fat removal and improved sculpting, and speeds recovery.
  • The suctioning is carefully performed using a 3 to 3.7-millimeter metallic rod, known as the cannula, inserted via a tiny puncture in the skin. The procedure is generally performed while the patient is comfortably sedated by our board-certified anesthesiologist. (Some patients, especially those treating only one small area opt for pure local anesthesia, usually with some oral sedation.) Patients typically have no memory of the event, and leave the office within 30-60 minutes after the procedure, feeling great! Most patients can return to work within 3 days following their Denver liposuction procedure, and return to the gym within a week.
  • If you have been thinking about undergoing liposuction, the most important thing you need to have is realistic expectations about what liposuction can do for you. Liposuction can dramatically enhance your appearance but, like all other surgeries, it's not a magical fit for everything that bothers you about your body.
  • As far as physical requirements go, the ideal prospects for liposuction are individuals whose weight falls in a normal range but have excess fat on specific areas of their body. Individuals with skin that is elastic and firm will achieve the best results from liposuction.
  • This procedure poses more risks for patients that have recently had surgery close to the site where the liposuction will be performed. Other factors that increase the risk of this surgery include sub-par blood circulation, diabetes, lung disease or heart disease.
  • If you are interested in liposuction in the Denver, Colorado area, contact us or call 303-321-3210 to schedule a consultation.
Dr. Squires Has Retired.

To all my patients,

Dr. Squires has retired.

Dr. Matthew Baker will be taking over the follow-up of my patients and handling record requests. He is an exceptionally talented plastic surgeon and will provide expert, compassionate care. You may contact his office at 303.320.5566 or info@beautifulme.com.

My best to you all,

John R Squires MD