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Cosmetic Surgery Peace of Mind

When considering a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, it is important that you also have complete confidence in the surgeon, the practice and the facility you have chosen.  The warm, welcoming and professional atmosphere of Squires Plastic Surgery is designed to let you know that your confidence and safety is important to us. Your questions and concerns matter to us and that we truly care about you, your results, your safety and your overall plastic surgery experience. We will take as much time with you as you need during your initial consultations and every subsequent appointment. Our understanding and commitment to honesty help our Denver plastic surgery patients know that they’ve chosen the right place for their cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

The credentials, specializations, board certifications and experience of Dr. Squires, plus his warm and caring manner also offer great comfort and peace of mind to our patients.  Because the end result is the primary reason people choose to have a cosmetic procedure, the many before and after photos we share, the case histories, and the experiences and results our patients share are the main reasons patients choose to have their cosmetic procedures done with us and allows them to proceed with a high degree of confidence and peace of mind.

Culture of Safety

Our patients’ comfort, confidence and peace of mind are critically important to us, too. But of utmost importance to the surgeons, clinicians and staff of our center is the safety of our patients.  Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures have become “big business” to some doctors, We never forget that cosmetic procedures, whether complicated surgeries or minimally invasive are medical procedures, and that safety must remain the first and foremost priority of the surgeon and staff.  No matter your procedure, they are never conducted casually. We are a medical office — where patient safety is paramount — first and always.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has defined a culture of safety as “the shared commitment of surgeon and staff to ensure the safety of the patient."  The safety of our patients is paramount. In keeping with our commitment to a culture of safety at all times, all medical procedures even such minimally invasive procedures as Botox and other injectables are performed by Dr. Squires. Unlike other practices where non-medical personnel perform these procedures, we feel that only a fully trained plastic surgeon should perform these cosmetic procedures.
Our surgical center is licensed and certified by the state of Colorado and our relationship with Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, only two minutes away allows for immediate care should there ever be a problem.

Our commitment to patient safety; our highly-skilled, highly-credentialed and well-experienced surgical staff, our professional support and clinical staff, the satisfaction of our patients and our outstanding results all contribute to the Squires Plastic Surgery Peace of Mind experience.
Over the years, Dr. Squires has helped numerous patients from throughout Colorado realize their aesthetic dreams. Dr. Squires specializes in Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. He is proud of his reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in Denver.
Dr. Squires Has Retired.

To all my patients,

Dr. Squires has retired.

Dr. Matthew Baker will be taking over the follow-up of my patients and handling record requests. He is an exceptionally talented plastic surgeon and will provide expert, compassionate care. You may contact his office at 303.320.5566 or info@beautifulme.com.

My best to you all,

John R Squires MD